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Includes six ship’s ha’pennies in a leather purse, brass pins, jar of wax, all presented in a hessian sack.

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A wooden board game, Shipboard was originated and designed by Bernard and Alastair Harvey and made its debut at the 1999 Westonbirt Festival of Wood.

Based on the principles of shove ha’penny, but with a subtle difference. It is played from both ends of the board. Using genuine ha’pennies, it is a game demanding skill, but can involve luck.

Playable by all ages over 7 years, it is highly competitive and great fun.

The boards are primarily made in English Oak from the Stourhead Estate in Wiltshire. Other hardwoods, such as Black Walnut and Red Cherry, can be made to order. All are hand made with attractive inlay.

The brass pins come in a box, whilst the ship ha’pennies are original coins of the realm and are provided in a soft leather purse. Also supplied with the game is a jar of beeswax which can be used to ensure smooth running of the coins. The covers are hessian, bearing the Shipboard motif.

The board is placed on a table at right angles to the two contestants, who sit opposite each other.

Each player has three ha’pennies. Ships plays heads. Using the heel of the hand or the finger tips, they take it in turns to strike a coin from the edge of the table along the board. The object of the game is to place a ha’penny in each ’bed’ between the lines.

After propelling three coins, individually, from the edge of the board, any coins of that player falling in the centre bed may be retrieved and played again. Coins sent overboard at the far end are eliminated until the player’s next turn. When the player’s turn is complete he, or she, may score by putting a brass pin in the hole beside each bed he has placed a ha’penny. The first one only counting. The coin must be clear of any lines.

The first player leaves his coins where they lay on the board.

The second player then propels three coins in the same method from the opposite end. He may use his opponent’s coins to stop or ricochet. He scores in the same way. However, if he knocks one of his opponent’s coins into the centre bed, and they are still there at the end of his turn, he may remove any one of his opponent’s pins.

The second player leaves his coins where they lay and the first player then picks up his own coins and plays again.

A good tip is to use the side fence to slow down coins when attempting the furthest beds!

The first player to complete a line of pins, wins!

As mentioned before - they are genuine ship ha’pennies, which were minted between 1937 and 1967 (except 1961 when for some obscure reason they didn’t mint any!). Thus the name - Shipboard. The coins are offered with ‘years of the customer’s choice’, a nice touch for anniversaries and birthdays - unless you are under 43!